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Missing CustomAspect when Copy from Explorer to Share RM

Question asked by harrysan on Apr 2, 2010
Dear All,

I m trying to copy or move Document from Alfresco Explorer (using simple workflow) to Alfresco Share RECORD MANAGEMENT

It's work well, but all of Custom Aspects removed and replaced by RM Metadata.

I just need to keep some information in properties of custom aspects that we have maintained before.

I need your help or sharing your knowledge guys, for following concerns
1. How to Keep Custom Aspect when we move from explorer to share
2. Which one the best practice:
    -  scan and released (upload) to Share RM first, and then copy to explorer for managing document, i.e run workflow for approval
    - scan and upload to alfresco explorer and copy to RM for managing archive (with the risk like above - missing aspects properties metadata)
    - or any suggest or any strategy???

Please share and help us?


Best Regards