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evaluating alfresco and workflow features

Question asked by cata_maican on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by hunjet
I'm evaluating afor Alfresco y organization (education) and i would like have some answers to the following questions:

(1) since i'm fairly new to BPM and I have some questions related to workflows in Alfresco. So, is it possible to define workflows with variable number of steps? Let me give you an example: someone in my organization produces a document. This document needs to be approved so the document goes to approver1. Because the document contains some legal stuff, approver1 sends the document to lawyer1. Also, because the document contains some, let's say, tender stuff, lawyer1 asks TenderOfficer1 for his/her's opinion. So after lawyer1 and TenderOfficer1 give their comments/approval, "approver1" may take a decision and approve the document/send it to the next step in the workflow. The depth steps (layer1 –> TenderOfficer1 —>…….) may be variable.

(2) is it possible to attach a "registration number" to a electronic document that enters/exists in my organization so that the document may also be tracked by this number? Is it possible to add other meta-data visibile/hidden to a document?

(3) for me, approving means digitally signing documents. Are there any specific features in Alfresco related to this (sign documents, add comments)?

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