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Web browser unresponsive when uploading new version of file

Question asked by tmic on Apr 23, 2012
Brand new user to Alfresco here.  I have installed Alfresco on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server.  The installation currently works.  I have been able to add documents, users, etc.  There is however a problem.  I need for the Sharepoint modules to work, as we are going to be collaborating with the MS Office 2010 suite.  After I have uploaded a document, I can not edit that document, online, nor can I upload a new version of the document.  When I click either the "upload" link, or the "edit online" link, the web page becomes unresponsive, and I either have to press the "back" arrow, or refresh the screen entirely.  I have seen this issue mentioned on several forums, but I have not been able to determine a single solution.  Any ideas?  If additional information is needed, like log files, please let me know and I can add them.


A little more info.  This seems to be a browser based problem more than an MS problem.  I cannot upload files from my MAC OSX machine using Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  In Firefox and Chrome, once the "Upload" selection is clicked, you have to refresh the browser window to get it to work.  Using Safari, the browser does not freeze, but there is no way to upload the file.  Strangely enough, I ran a Windows 7 VM from Fusion and accessed the site through IE8.  That allows me to upload changes to the file.  However, as I scroll up and down on the page, the upload box moves with the page, so you can't see the "upload" and "cancel" selections at the bottom of the box.  I simply tabbed to the "upload" selection and hit return on the keyboard and it uploaded the new version. 

Does anyone have any ideas? I can't tell if this is a problem on the server, if I have to do some custom configs on the browsers, etc.  Any help would be most appreciated, I am dealing wit a deadline on getting this up and running.


I was doing an install with the custom install.  Reinstalled using the "easy" install and the upload functions work now.