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Question asked by chrisokelly on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by chrisokelly
Hi guys,

I think I am soon to be doing my first bit of Alfresco development (I don't count CSS theming and config file edits). We need a method to update certain blog posts to all sites in our domain, not just one. The first suggestion I was given was to modify the "Publish externally" button (which we do not use) to post to all sites but this seemed a little onerous, considering the button is already coded for a very different task. I was considering just having all such blog posts be tagged as "common" or "public" then having the main site display all blog posts with this tag in their dashboard, but I am a little stumped as to where to go from there. I figured I would go ahead and ask - is there a plugin or module already to do this (or something similar I could perhaps modify)? If not can anyone tell me if this is going to be a massive undertaking or something simple and suitable for a noobie?