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Trying to get started - first some DB quesitons

Question asked by williamgh on Apr 5, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by williamgh
Typically, I'm developing backend and web site database stuff while not having to manage the actual hardware and software myself, so my new role seems a little daunting and I apologize in advance for having to inquire about basic stuff.

I believe that I read that the 3.2 basic installer versions comes with MySQL stack imbedded, correct?
Yet I read from another post that the default stack is probably not adequate for an enterprise deployment - is that still a relevant comment?
Should I investigate obtaining a different database to use other than the default one?

I'm searching for a document management system and wanted to try out Alfresco. I hope that the learning curve to deployment isn't too steep, I feel that I have enough of a background to obtain a running and stable system, enough to test it out for our needs. Small business (~5 users) with average usage of sales orders, contracts, HR, drafting, R&D, etc.

One other question that I've not had luck in finding the answer to: the files themselves, they aren't saved into the database are they? If in fact I do stick with the community version, I would like to make sure that my transition to an alternate/paid service wont be a painful one, if the time comes.

Thanks for your help with my beginners questions. :D