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Federating legacy CMIS servers to offer a unified ECM UI

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by stevereiner
Hello all,

Let's say I have 3 legacy ECM repositories, and I want to federate them with Alfresco.
These 3 repos have CMIS interfaces, but I can not just move all of their content to Alfresco, because they are still used by a few actors.

Can I somehow "link" Alfresco to these 3 repos?
Goal: Alfresco users (95% of the company) can read&modify the documents stored in these 3 repos, via the Alfresco interface, just like if they were 3 Alfresco spaces.

Users <—> Alfresco  <—> via CMIS protocol <—> legacy ECM systems

Is this feature available?
If not, how complex would it be to implement it?
Would it be useful to many companies?

Note: I am not looking for federated search