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Unset datetime properties restored on check-in

Question asked by attack7 on Apr 25, 2012
Hi Folks -

We are seeing a strange condition and I'm wondering if anyone can offer any insight or point out something we might be doing wrong.

We're using CMIS (communicating with Alfresco using the Apache Chemistry library) to first save a checked-out piece of content.  As a part of that save, we're setting a custom datetime field to "null" and that field previously had a value.

When we read back that object after the save, all the values are as we expect.

However, after checking-in the content, the datetime fields have reverted to their previous values prior to the save.

Running the same set of steps through the Chemistry workbench (not using any of our custom code) produces the same result.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Is there a setting we have wrong, or something incorrect about the model definition we have deployed?

Would really appreciate any advice!