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Separate CIFS emulation module

Question asked by cveld on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by cveld
Hi there, dear Alfresco developers,

My client is currently migrating a big shared folder repository to a new ECM system. Would be great if we could replace the legacy shared folder repository by a CICS emulation layer that will service container documents for popular file types with the url to the new location written in it.
In this way we can support users that still use legacy links to the old location, and need to be helped to move to the new ECM system.

My guess is that the Alfresco CIFS module could be leveraged to build such an emulation layer. This CIFS emulator module is quite unique in the market place!

Is it easy to do this?
Based on information shared via the Alfresco community I cannot conclude this easily.
Maybe this CIFS extension module is too much intertwined with the whole Alfresco architecture.

Please let me know.