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CMIS & SOAP : authentification?

Question asked by grummfy on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by openpj

I would like to use the SOAP protocol with CMIS but I meet a problem with the authentification. With REST acess I can use HTTP Basic (and other auth method like ticket) without any problems.

From the CMIS specification it should be possible to use HTTP BASIC auth and possibly other method that were repository specific (lioke ticket for alfresco. But with SOAP I didn't find the way to get this working.

For information, here is my test (PHP code on CMIS demo server of Alfresco ( :


       $client = new SoapClient('', array('user'=>'admin', 'password'=>'admin'));

       echo 'Request :<pre>'.htmlspecialchars($client->__getLastRequest());
       echo '</pre>Response:<pre>'.htmlspecialchars($client->__getLastResponse()) . '</pre>';
    catch (SoapFault $e)
       echo '<p>Fault String: ' . $e->faultstring . '<p>';
       echo '<p>Fault Code: ' . $e->faultcode . '<p>';

And the error :
Fault String: An error was discovered processing the header

Fault Code: ns1:InvalidSecurity

thanks for your helping