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Webscript - Dynamic content

Question asked by drozes on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by drozes
Hi guys;

So I've written a webscript which grabs a file from the Content Repo.
It than parses the file's content and looks for special html tags than indicates ServerSide code.

My webscript will execute the code within the special html tags as if it was serverside code.  This is simple grabbing the code and running eval on it, than replacing the content.

The issue is, I am unsure on how to exactly execute the code within the tags fully.  Currently it just executes and the code and replace the content with the results of the execution, which sounds successful but in practice is not.  For example if you want to reference an webscript object that doesn't have any type fo output, it'll print out the object class@memory.

Do webscript have a built in execution, that allows content to be executed as if it was straight in the webscript?
Or will I have to extend my webscript into a language compiling tool?

-Reasoning behind this need.  I have a file in my document repo that references CSS files.  I need the app context. So I use a line like  ' src="<?alf url.context; ?>/css/mycss.css" '.   My webscript currently works well for this case, but I'd like to have a more full approach on this.