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Web Quick Start problems

Question asked by tmic on Apr 27, 2012
OK, so because of some issues I was having with the "Custom" install, I went back and reinstalled my Alfresco Community 4.0.d server using the "easy" method.  Install went fine, no issues.  I then went and tried to install the Web Quick Start module manually, following the instructions through the documentation.  I downloaded and unzipped the folder.  I placed the amp files where they belong, applied the amp files, created the site, added the dashlet and imported the government site.  Went to the //<ip address of server>:8080/wcmqs from a remote browser on my network, and received a page titled Alfresco WCM Quickstart, with the following message: Error Sorry, there seems to be a problem with this part of the page.

Because of this, I decided to reapply the amps manually and start from scratch.  I saved a copy of the /opt/alfresco–/tomcat/webapps/share folder, because everytime I do this (It wasn't the first) it wipes the share folder and I lose all of my themes, and I get another when I try to go back to the share website.  So I re-applied the amps, copied over my old share folder, and now I can create the site, but when I go to add the dashlet, it isn't listed.  I feel like I am missing a step in the process.  So that being said, here are my questions:

1.) Because I had to do a manual install, is there any thing I am missing aside from the Web-Quick-Start zip files?
2.) Can I apply the amps manually without erasing all of my data in the share folder?
3.) Why can I not see the dashlet?
4.) When I do get it installed, why can I not see the site rendered?

If you need log files or config files, please let me know what they are.  I have been fighting this for a coupe of days now and I am ready to give up!