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community 3.2 ldap troubleshooting

Question asked by cardinal_baseball on Apr 9, 2010
i cannot log into alfresco w ldap authentication - "incorrect name/password".  but there is no error in alfresco.log or catalina.out.  i suspect this is problematic in itself.  when i had passthru authenticaiton setup, i got a "client used ntlmv2" error in alfresco.log.
here's the relevant points…
1.  only ldap is in my authentication chain.
3.  i know i'm hitting the server correctly, as when i change: to look at 636 port, i get an error that i cannot connect, but there's no error with the 389 port.
4.  as i am only using ldap authentication, none of the ldap.synchronization.* properties are set.
5.  i do have a username/password we use for ldap binds (when using ldap authentication for php apps).  i assume i would need that here - but i don't see any ldap.authentication. property to set it to.
6.  for the "ldap.authentication.userNameFormat" - i set it to blank.  some forum posts said you could leave it blank and i don't know the proper "ou" setting, so i'm hoping i can.  when i was setting this variable, different "ou" values didn't produce anything different in the logs.
8.  gentoo linux, tomcat-6.  windows 7 (i'm wondering if an old version of ie6 may work).  i did set the browser security settings.
so it's probably obvious to a seasoned vet - what i have wrong - please advise.  if not, is there some other log i could check?  please let me know if i'm leaving something out.
thanks in advance!