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php final upload

Question asked by alfred_unfrisco on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by jpotts
Hello, Very newbie here.

Hi everyone, I had a little webapp form for years that creates a databse record with a few attributes, example (patient_name,  town_name, zip_code, file_name, directory) into a mysql db. Once the record is created in the database my webbapp allows me to I upload and  "attach" a file by retreiving /creating a directory structure from the patient_name/town_name/zip_code and stores this in the directory field along with the file_name of the file I am uploading, allowing me to find the record again someday via a web link. pretty simple works create and I can find records and documents. As long was the file names are different, otherwise it just over writes them not good…..

My question and I apologize if this is wrong forum category, is there away to move these documents to alfresco, with PHP code,  using my existing MySQL data (patient_name,  town_name, zip_code, file_name) as meta data using some php. I know how to get to the files, I know the meta data (patient_name,  town_name, zip_code, file_name).

thanks for any insights. I believe some else surely has had this problem with existing data and wanting to preload tags or meta data in afresco.

Thank you for any examples or ideas.