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Missing step: The connection was reset

Question asked by minas on Apr 10, 2010
Hi there,
I am pretty new to Alfresco. I have been trying to install and make it run so that I can learn it asap so I'd do a presentation to my company.
The problem is, maybe I am missing someting, I cannot run it. I have downloaded Alfresco-Community-3.3-Full-Setup.exe and installed it
with no problem other that TomCat complained port8080 was in use. I used 8081 instead and did some research on this forum and edited
server.xml file, changed all 8080's to 8081. Then I run "Start Alfresco Server" from my program menu. Two windows opened. Tomcat and
MySql. Some text flew down, I waited till it said
"org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina start"
"Server startup in 231678 ms"
(to get this msg I had to wait a copule of minutes).

Then I opened my browser and typed localhost:8081/alfresco, tried it as localhost:8080/alfresco. Did even try only localhost:8080 and 8081
but in all cases I had the error "The connection was reset" in my explorer windows. Now I am so unsure what am I missing here.
Tutorial said if i use Alfresco-Community-3.3-Full-Setup.exe to install Alfresco I neednt to have any other thing to install.
Am I really missng any thing here? I tried the same proccess on a laptop, on my pc(@home and @office). All the same story:(

I would love to know if I am missing to fix some part. I am not a code-guru…so, please give me clue here.

Thanks in advance.