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Kofax Release Script for Alfresco the dropdown Content type

Question asked by mguay on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by sharks234
I use Alfresco 3.4.7 and Kofax 9. The connector Alfresco/Kofax is based on the webscript of Alfresco.
My problem is when I configure the connector Alfresco in Kofax.
The page displays 3 tabs: Repository, Index et General.
In Repository tab I chose a directory documentLibrary in my test site (site is in Alfresco).
When I go on Index tabs the drop down Content type is empty.

I read on Alfresco support site and I found this :
"By default, the Release Setup web script displays all types, aspects, and their associated properties available in your Alfresco repository."

But for me I don't see no types or aspect.
I is not maybe configured my repository correctly?
Or during the selection in the repository tab I do not select the good thing?

Thanks for you help, I'm really discouraged.