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Upgrade step

Question asked by kaiou on Apr 12, 2010

i am trying to upgrade an alfresco installation (1.2.1 schema 12, on macos x and postgres) to last version 3.2r2.
i have 6 gb of filesystem must be migrated.

After more test, best solution is run 2 upgrade step:
first install 3.2, second 3.2r2

Auto upgrade process have many errors.. On sql and on patch..
I have installed relative amps for postgres, but errors persists…

After last step, i obtain a working version, but i have found some docs not imported..
More, i have compared a database schema of clean 3.2r2 installation with schema of mi migration, and they are not equal. Some tables are not present..

What is best steps to upgrade my alfresco installation?
Also I have thought to run a full export/import, but it seems that have some problem with acp files biggest og 4gb.. My exported files is 6gb…

Please help me!

I am going crazy for this upgrade. :)