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Workflow task item - issue facing in alfresco 4.0

Question asked by g_rathod on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by mitpatoliya

I am facing one issue in alfresco enterprise 4.0 (share).
I have customized workflow process and it should now start workflow from folder action. ( out of box it is for contents)
steps :
1) Login with appropriate credentials having permission to create content.
2) Now when I start workflow (Approve / Review) out of box workflow.
3) I selected reviewer as same user I logged in.
4) Now my task dashlet shows new task in my user dashboard.
5) When you click on "view task link"
6) You can find there is items which shows us "content on which we started workflow" instead it shows us blank items.
7) Instead it appearing blank it should show us content (current scenario its folder).

Any help to make my workflow folder to appear in items list.