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Tag management

Question asked by gwiet on Apr 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by alexsolomatin
Tag management

Tags are very useful to identify and/or crosslink content. However I think that as implemented in Share right now it has several issues:
1.   It is to easy to define new tags: almost anyone on any peace of content can do it resulting in uncontrollable growth of the global tag-store
2.   There is no tool to remove or disable tags from the global tag-store
3.   There is no tool to define site specific tag subsets from the global tag-store
4.   There are 2 UI for selection of tags by site-users, none of which is OK (see 5,6)
5.   In  “Edit Metadata” site_users select tags from the global tag-store rather then from a site-specific tag-subset, or they define new tags (see 1)
6.   In other types of content, e.g. blog or wiki site_users select from “most popular tags on this site” which is not equivalent to a predefined site specific set, or they simply define new tags (see 1)

Unfortunately I do not have the technical skills to develop the necessary improvements, but my ideas for User- and Functional requirements are as follows:

User requirement:
1.   Have a tool available to define and manage global as well as site-specific tags;
2.   For the global tags it should be possible to: define new tags, delete tags or disable tags
3.   Site specific tags can be deduced and saved as subsets of the global set.
4.   Usage of this tool is for site managers only
5.   Site-users have only a single UI for selecting and adding tags to content
6.   In a site the UI for selection and adding tags to content shows only the site-specific subset of tags
7.   Site-users cannot define new tags

Functional requirement to improve tag management and usage
1.   Admin Console: add a tool to manage the global tag-store and to populate a site specific subset of tags. Functions for this tool are: 1.define new tags (in global tag-store), 2. delete or 3. disable tags, 4. move tags to and from a site specific set, 5. save subset for subsequent usage. As UI a modified Tag Select screen from the Edit Metadata screen seems OK.
2.   Edit Metadata: provide a slightly trimmed down Tag Select screen: 1. disable or better remove the define-new-tag field, 2.display to the site-user only the site specific subset of tags. Other functionality as before.
3.   Wiki, blog and comparable content: exchange present UI for the one mentioned  above (see 2.)

I really hope someone will pick this up,