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Rules on Folders

Question asked by billyboy on May 2, 2012
Hi all,

I may well have bitten of more than i can chew here and trying to be a smart ass :-)  But I created a new site for a partner of ours as we don't want to give them access to all of our own site, but we needed them to be able to update files and folders for us, so here's what I did:

Created site, created folders in Doc library to match the tree we have in ours.  I then created a rule on the folders in the partner site to copy any files that are created to the corresponding folder on our own private site.  So as to give the rule as it were access to do that I then set some local permissions on the folders on our site for the partner user account and set to Site Collaborator. 

The copy process works like a dream, but the rules I have created on our own site to alert to something new being added don't trigger when items are updated.  I can only asume this is down to the ability to execute rules being set higher up the chain or only being available to full site members?

I suspect I'm way off the mark in the way I've done this, so I'm open to better suggestions :-)  or a way in which I can get the rules to trigger when the partner updates the folders.

Thanks in advance