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Include other webscripts inside current webscript (javascrip

Question asked by techyguy on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by afaust
Hello everybody;

My current application setup requires I have 1 main controlling webscript which routes request to the appropriate webscript.

I've been using the following code to hit other webscript through the remote object.

var connector = remote.connect('http');
var response = connector.get(controllerUrl);

Than I process the response.  This works but has many issues.
- HTTP session seems to be seperate even though they are on the same domain and using same protocall.
- the model object is not the same (different webscript so it makes sense).

There must be a way to include other webscript without calling them through the Remote object.

(Another solution that I've implimented for the time being is making 1 Controller Webscript and have the other webscript just JS files that get included.)