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how to restrict people search - share 4.0

Question asked by nua76 on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by jpotts
hello ,

my story  

1  group call supplier  with 2 users  A and  B
1  group call  customer with 2 users C and D

2 sites
first one call supplier
second one call customer

group supplier  have no access to  customer site
group customer have no acces to  supplier site

i’m connected has  “A” so group supplier

In  people  , how to restrict search to people  register in the same group than me

Result should be “B” only and not  b,c,d with my current config

Same for  workflow
I’am connected has “A”  , on a document , i’m starting a workflow  and in the “ assign popup” if i enter  *  , i can see  all user register in the portal
I would like to see only  “b” or only people  register in the same group than me

I want to do this for confidentiality reason

help welcome