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Ways to inform Task initiators of overdue tasks?

Question asked by sebp on Apr 13, 2010
I'm wondering how I could inform initiators of tasks that a task they have assigned to someone else is overdue? I think the option of sending an email is the easiest way. But not a good way, because
- you have the "My Alfresco" page to manage your tasks but you must look into the mail client for overdue tasks
- the emails send to the initiator will stay in his inbox even if the task is done.

What alternatives do I have in Alfresco?
There is no opportunity to list the tasks I have assigned to someone else  :| . So I was thinking about a dashlet that displays all tasks that a user has assigned to someone else and that are in_progress. But it seems to me that it is not so easy to query these tasks. Or is it?