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Alfreso share PDF preview

Question asked by bandy on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by sharifu
Hi All,

I am using 4.0d on linux

I am having exactly this problem with pdf previews:

Unfortunately the fix there doesn't seem to apply, as the PDF I am testing with is only 16KB.

There do not seem to be any related errors in the alfresco log.

I tried editing web-preview.get.config.xml
There was no entry for application/pdf, so I put one in and restarted.

That seemed to do something - I got the expected flash previewer, but there was an error in the log - unable to stream to client, no node specified

the Flash preview seems to be working fine otherwise, I am getting it for .doc files as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to look for?

Thanks for any help.