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Creation of an 'Alfresco Governance' forum?

Question asked by darryl_staflund on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 1, 2010 by seaton
Hi there,

I am just going to throw this request out there and let it fall where it may – would Alfresco consider creating an 'Alfresco Governance' forum where we can discuss the problems and issues surrounding the governance of Alfresco in the enterprise?  That would be so useful for those of us struggling with this issue.

Some of the topics it could cover include:

1.  Best practices around governance of content models

- How should content models be partitioned into schemas?
- Who should govern what schema?
- How should versioning be managed?
- etc.

2.  Things to consider when preparing for an Alfresco roll-out

- What are some proven strategies for rolling Alfresco out into the enterprise?
- Should we do one big roll-out?  Should we stagger the roll-out?
- How do we get buy-in from the various departments, etc?

I am sure there are lots more questions besides this, but these are two of the big ones.

Darryl Staflund