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No results with share search and custom model

Question asked by lotharmärkle on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by lutz.horn
Looking at search.lib.js I found, that there is a function escapeString(value) {…} which takes care to escape the property qname of the searched property for building up the solr query.
This function does not escape all namespace prefixes as expected by solr:

The prefix qname ecm4uUtils:testproperty makes it finally to solr as the query ecm\4uUtils:testproperty:"searchvalue" and yields no results. Issuing ecm4uUtils\:testproperty:"searchvalue" returns the expected results.

There are two issues I think:
The digit is escaped with backslash but should not
The colon between the namespace prefix and the local name of the property is not escaped with a backslash, but should.

Anybody discovered the same issue, that is no results searching a custom property?