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PATH not honored in search

Question asked by shikarishambu on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2010 by hsohaib
My custom webscript has a parameter "space" that defaults to "/". If a value is passed that is appended to the company_home and I want the search to only look in that folder and ones below. However, it looks like it is not honoring this. I have tried encoding the space parameter in ISO9075Encode, still no luck. It returns all docs in all folders. I am guessing I am missing something trivial/ got the syntax wrong but I can't seem to figure it. please help

var space = "/";

//Pass in reference to company_home. For company_home/Inbox, say Inbox
if (( != "") && ( != null))
   space =;

var query = 'PATH:\"/{}company_home/{}'+ search.ISO9075Encode(space)+ '\"+TYPE:\"{}doc\"';