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Question asked by sans on May 3, 2012
Hi, I am trying to create a user in Alfresco.
Here is the process I am using.
User enters the details on a web page. The details are stored in a database.
A service listens to the database and whenever it sees a new record, it grabs the details and creates a user in alfresco
and at the same time puts an entry in a temp table with the guid.
User is sent an email with temp guid/password and is requested to change it when s/he logs in for the first time.
I have tweaked the code to allow user to log in with temp guid/password.
The issue is when user tries to change the password. I don't know what happens but it goes through all the authentication chains and somewhere in the process it gets that users actual password as well and then in AuthenticationComponentImpl.authenticateImpl method it throws an exception 'A valid security context was not provided'.
Any ideas on how can I implement this?