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Alfresco Developer Wanted - Contract Position

Question asked by monkeydl on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by puneetjain99
We are looking for a talented developer with specific experience with Alfresco.  This project contract will last 3 months with an opportunity to extend. 


1. Solid understanding and experience with Alfresco Share and Alfreco Explorer is a must. Minimum 2 years of experience working with these two platforms

2. Alfresco 3.4 or above

3. J2EE background

4. Javascript, Webscript, Free-template

5. Spring Surf

6. Previous experience in customizing Alfresco Share UI

7. Experience with architecting / developing solution based on Alfresco

Specific responsibilities:

1. provide solutions to these extensions to Alfresco share, including:
- Adding custom meta data type in Share
- Adding custom property to Share
- Implement custom dashlet for: contacts list, tags cloud
- Implement custom page for report dashboard, report include: user access history, document access history.
- Implement custom actions to Alfresco Share: email, site import/export, print, approve / reject (to approve / reject an uploaded document)
- Add rotating capability to the Alfresco previewer
- Add annotation to alfresco previewer
- Set custom permissions to site
- Add additional filterings for: users, file types
- Configuration and deployment

2. Alfresco centric… have a "how can we use the Alfresco way" to make things work with the existing Alfresco framework

3. Mentoring / providing technical support to the team. Reviewing day to day work from offshore

4. Able to work with the business team to review the requirements and determine the best deliverable to the client

If you are interetsted in this position, please email with a short paragraph about yourself and your resume.