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Document Upload Copying?

Question asked by techyguy on May 4, 2012
Hi guys;
This might be a large item but was hoping someone could point me in the direction of hwo to perform the following:

I have 1 site.  This site has 3 different looks. 

The userflow:
-User uploads a document to webroot/sitename
-Copies of these files are moved in the following folders
-User should be able to go into any of the subfolder and edit any asset/file.

User can view the site at:

What I want to do is have different Renditions attached to each of the folders.  If you think about images as an example. Images from the small folder would only be served up as 25X25 (to avoid high bandwidth when not needed).

This is basically to leverage a site that will have different viewed for different devices and connections.

Thanks for any help and advice.