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Exporting documents at end of workflow

Question asked by nightfalltech on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by zaizi
I'm looking to understand if alfresco would be suitable for a transactional workflow, the essential model of this being.

    1. Documents imported automatically from a folder or by an agent/script (metadata fields and image)
    2. Workflow rules based on meta data route images to spaces/queues for meta data correction (ie missing data)
    3. User views document, corrects meta data, workflow routes to an export space/queue
    4. Agent/automated process extracts document and meta data and creates, for example a uniqueId.PDF and a uniqueID.xml file containing meta data in xml format
    5. item routed to an exported space/queue.

I guess (4) is the piece i'm unsure how well this fits for the alfresco model as these workflows are not so much about putting items in the right place in the document management system, as using alfresco as the web interface to complete data capture. (inbound documents would be scanned and key entered in a capture system like Captiva), the target system for that information is after the alfresco process.

Another wrinkle is that step 1 may be  a multiple document batch, and then entire batch would need to be exported together in step (4) once workflows are completed for all the contained documents (or the batch workflowed together)

thoughts on whether i'm barking up the wrong tree would be appreciated. We already have inhouse systems that do this with bespoke web applications, but we are looking to standardize on an alfresco platform if possible.