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Use Share or Explorer, wiht WCM or not ? [specific project]

Question asked by eos on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by eos

I'm currently doing a training in a company which wants to implement a Document Management tool for its projects. By documents, I mean Project Plan, Reports, Contracts, etc… I'm in charge of benchmarking a few tools, Alfresco included. Here are the specs :
    For each project, there are a few people who can create and edit content (the Project Director, the Project Manager, the Quality Engineer, the Architect, etc…) with different levels of permissions, whereas the other team members should be able to just see the content;

    The development of the documents is not concurrent;

    Each document must present some extra properties (like "Client", "Project", "Status", etc.);

    It should be easy to make snapshots of the documents. A certain version of a document can be associated to a specific product, and it should be possible to keep track of the version of document associated to a product or delivery;

    At any time,  it should be possible to display the list of all the documents in a project (or in a folder of the project), with the number of their current version whenever it's required. It is the same for the snapshots : for example, the PM  should be able to access to the list of all the documents with the number of the version associated to Delivery 1;

    The status of a document changes : from "draft" to "obsolete", it can be "proofreading", "waiting for validation", "validated", "published". Some simple workflow (like Review & Approve) have to be implemented;

    Change tracking would be great.
Even if I am a newbie in Alfresco, I can see that Alfresco would be of great use for this. But I am not sure which web client should be used in the case of my company. At first Share seemed the most relevant, but because of the need of snapshots I thought about the functionnality WCM. I just had a real quick look at it, but it looks like that WCM does too many things compared to what I need. Can someone give me advice, please ?

I must add that there are two major constraints :

    The company wants to use some Open source free tool. So I am studying just the Community version (I downloaded the package Alfresco-Community-3.3-Full-Setup). I work with Windows XP Pro.

    I don't think they will spend much money on an Alfresco expert, so the implementation shoudn't be too complex. Since I am not myself a developper, this is another reason why I hesitate to examine further the WCM functionnality.
Thank you in advance.


PS : Sorry for the English, this is not my mother tongue.