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spesification of task name on start-state

Question asked by siti20 on Apr 17, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2010 by hsohaib
Hi all…
This is my first post.
I'm in high spirit to developing advanced workflow using jbpm designer with Eclipse.
Currently I'm using alfresco 3.3 on Ubuntu 9.04 environment,
whereas I'm using jbpm-3.2.6.SP1 on Eclipse 3.4.0

I'm having a very strange problem and make me almost crazy.

I have a process definition script like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<process-definition  xmlns=""  name="c3:documentReview">

   <swimlane name="initiator">
   <swimlane name="assignee">
      <assignment class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.AlfrescoAssignment">

   <start-state name="start">
      <task name="c1:startJob" swimlane="initiator" />
      <transition to="Start Job" name="start"></transition>

   <node name="Start Job">
      <transition to="Review for Approve or Reject" name="Ask for Review"></transition>

   <task-node name="Review for Approve or Reject">
      <task name="c3:reviewForApproveOrReject" swimlane="asssignee" />
      <transition to="Get Info Approved Task" name="Approve"></transition>
      <transition to="Get Info Rejected Task" name="Reject"></transition>

   <task-node name="Get Info Approved Task">
      <task name="c3:getInfoApprovedTask" swimlane="initiator" />
      <transition to="end" name="Selesai"></transition>

   <task-node name="Get Info Rejected Task">
      <task name="c3:getInfoRejectedTask" swimlane="initiator" />
      <transition to="end" name="Selesai"></transition>

   <end-state name="end"></end-state>


The problem isi in this lines:

<start-state name="start">
      <task name="c1:startJob" swimlane="initiator" />
      <transition to="Start Job" name="start"></transition>

in tag <task, it has atribute name="c1:startJob"
but the fact is I don;t want use that attribute.
I want have attribute name="c3:startJob"  so it will becoming
      <task name="c3:startJob" swimlane="initiator" />

But I don;t understand why I can't use c3:startJob or c3:blablabalabla
It always raise error when I deploy it through Eclipse jbpm.

I just can use c1:startJob or text combination without symbol ":"
FYI. I have c1:startJob in previous Model.xml
and I want use a new Model.xml which have prefix c3

ANyone can help me?
Thanks before.