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Auto Deploy to ASR

Question asked by colindstephenson on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by colindstephenson
Hey All,

I am testing an upgrade of a 3.1.0 project in 4.0.1.  So far this is all working pretty well after correcting some API invocations.  As part of the customisation the user can modify content, then submit it using the submitdirect workflow and have it auto delpoy to the live servers.

The customisation is invoking

submitListAssets(java.lang.String sbStoreId, java.util.List relativePaths, java.lang.String workflowName, java.util.Map workflowParams, java.lang.String submitLabel, java.lang.String submitDescription, java.util.Map expirationDates, java.util.Date launchDate, boolean autoDeploy)

(yip, the deprecated API) and content is being successfully pushed out to the ASRs and FSRs.  Unfortunately this is all going too well in that the content is being deployed to all live servers even if they have the "include in auto deploy" unchecked.

Does submitListAssets() respect the autoDeploy flag on the live serves, or indeed does the submitdirect workflow respect this flag?  Do I have to some additional work to prevent this from happening?