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Links to folders work via Web but not via CIFS

Question asked by emmebi on May 8, 2012
My folders structure in Alfresco looks like this:

- Customers
– CustomerCode1
—- Tec
– CustomerCode2
—- Tec
– CustomerCode3
—- Tec

That is, under the "Customers" folder every "CustomerCodeN" folder has a "Tec" folder inside it.
For ease of use i have another top level folder called "Tec" that looks like this:

- Tec
– Tec_CustomerCode1 (It's a link to Customers->CustomersCode1->Tec)
– Tec_CustomerCode2 (It's a link to Customers->CustomerCode2->Tec)
– Tec_CustomerCode3 (It's a link to Customers->CustomerCode3->Tec)

That is, inside Tec, for every Customer i have a link named as Tec_CustomerCodeN that points to the Tec folder inside CustomerCodeN folder inside Clients folder.
Via web I can navigate correctly the top level Tec folder and follow the Tec_CustomerCodeN links to the Tec subfolders of the Customers.
Problem arise when i try to follow via CIFS the links under the top level Tec folder: the link doesn't work, it's shown as a zero sized regular file (not a link nor a directory) named correctly, for example, Tec_CustomerCode1 but empty.

$ls -l Tec/
-rwx—— 1 emmebi domain users      0 2012-04-18 19:04 Tec_CustomerCode1

How can i make the link work? I think to be browsable via CIFS it should look like a directory or a link, otherwise by clicking on i got this error message:

"Unable to show «smb://».

I'm using Alfresco Community v3.2.0 on Debian 5 Lenny.

Thanks in advance, any help or piece of information is appreciated!

Emme Bi