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problem in understand how to work with alfresco for my use

Question asked by sad on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by arnoldschrijver
I have a series problem in understanding how to use alfresco . every time when I try to do something I get an error , this error cause my alfresco to not work again . so I always delete it and install it again . but when i red the custom content tutorial for jeff potts I tried to post this source code :

in the extension directory and restarted tomcat . when I saw this worked with me . I got happy . but there is problem in understanding the tutorial very well.

what I have done is that I posted the files in this directory :
into the tomcat extension . but my problem is that I need to understand in very simple language what is the purpose for each file in this directory . can someone help me ?
also another thing . what is the needs to start gathering all the information to do a series workflow after reading jeff potts tutorial in it ? there is some codes that I don't understand it very well . from where should I learn doing all these things ?