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Usability with Long Running Custom Actions in Share

Question asked by vamirr on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by vamirr
I'm having usability issues with long running custom actions in Share.      After triggering the custom action, the user does not know it's been triggered, and that it is actually running.  It appears that current configuration patterns don't satisfy situations in which the custom action is not instant.

Take a look at this video:

My custom action allows the user to insert the contents of an uploaded zip file in place.   For zip files with large files, a large number of files, or a lengthy directory structure, this action can take quite a long time to complete.   During which, the user has no idea what's going on, causing them to repeatedly click on the action button. 

In the video, my zip file contains several chapters of training videos.  The zip file itself is 2GB and expands into about 2.5GB of data.    Almost immediately after my mouse cursor hits the 'Unzip Contents Into Directory' action button, the action has been triggered, however the user has no visual indication of this.  A successful dialog is shown after the completion of the action (at 0:54 in the video), but until then, the user doesn't know that anything was happening.

Is anyone else running into this?   I'm looking for advice in how to resolve it.