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Content Transform [Rendition Service] : Word to HTML

Question asked by nirvanvjain on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by zaizi
Hi Folks,
My requirements are something like I am going to upload doc/docx format documents in to the Alfresco Repository which have Custom Style Sheet applied in to from Microsoft Office Only. Now I want to convert them in to PDF/HTML document at the same location (Space). I think there would not be any issue with PDF Conversion but in HTML having custom style sheet class must be applied on the specific component is some what challenging…
After a lot googling and surfing in to Alfresco's wiki/forums etc what I learned is :
1) There is HTML Rendering Engine in Alfresco which supports docx from 3.4 Version.
2) There is Web Quick Start which provides WORD –> HTML transformation.
3) There is some classes of content transformation which provides transformation facility in Alfresco.
4) There is Rendition Service already available in Alfresco which also does same thing and might help.
5) There is licensed "Transformation server" available which has similar functionality provided.
6) There is out of box action available at Alfresco which converts document in to HTML but not full featured (extract only text from document).

Now Web Quick Start is only on WCM Plateform (Confused with this concept..!!!).

I need ditto of WORD's respective PDF and HTML documents at the same location where I am going to upload my WORD document.

  • Is Alfresco Web Quick Start using the same HTML Rendering Engine ? If no then what it is using internally ?
  • Is Alfresco Web Quick Start functionality can be redeveloped without having Alfresco WCM ( I mean on DM/SHARE Level ) ?
  • In transformation is there any dependency on Alfresco WCM ?
  • Is all these conversion possible to replicate/develop using Rendition service ?
  • Is it possible with custom Action at DM Level ?
  • Is there any other alternative option available (apart from mentioned above) ?

  • Thanks!