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Preview tiff images online

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 19, 2010
Hi all

We are trying to build a template for a sepecific set of spaces where when a tiff file is kept it must show the UI splitting the screen in two sides: left side to show the node properties, and right side to show the tiff image.

Our Template is as simple as:
         <td align="center">
         <a href="/alfresco${document.url}" target="new"><input type="button" value="Full Screen Mode"></a>
              <#if document.mimetype = "image/tif">
                   <a href="/alfresco${document.url}" target="new"><embed src="/alfresco${document.url}"width="500" height="700"></embed>

We are able to get the "Full Screen Mode" button, but not the image loaded in the Alfresco UI.

Any ideas of what we are doing wrong?

Our ideas were the sencentes:

a) <#if document.mimetype = "image/tif">

b) <embed src="/alfresco${document.url}"width="500" height="700"></embed>

But we tried changing this and did not work

Thanks a lot in advance guys!!