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Diff between MS Office plugin and Sharepoint protocol

Question asked by pedro.kowalski on Apr 19, 2010

I've tried to get answer for this question but unfortunately without a luck. Hope this time I'll be more successful :-)

As you can read in this topic or this, the Alfresco developers are now interested more in Share Point connector and left the Office Add-in as it is.

Can the Office add-in be replaced with SharePoint protocol without any functionality deficiency? I mean, can I for example (through SharePoint, from Office 2007) create new space, start new workflow, fill the meta-data of object, add categories, search for documents, etc? If not, is it going to happen, or the SharePoint protocol cannot manage such operations?

Could anyone point what is the exact functionality of Alfresco SharePoint implementation vs Office Add-in?

Thanks in advance,