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inbound mail and Googlemail

Question asked by uwolf on May 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by amarnath_v_l
Hi there,
I now spent a couple of hours configuring the inbound mail option without success.
The trouble is, that I want to use googlemail as an outside mailserver.

I was able to configure the imap server an my alfresco system, using a local domain for localhost:

# Inbound Email Configuration

I can see the mail alias which I have configured for the space.
But now the missing link: I want to send a mail to a googlemail account which is then relayed to the alfresco system or which is going to be picked up by the alfresco imap server.
What has to be configured? Are the RMI services involved, if yes, how? I´m somewhat helpless.
Thanks for helping!