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Maven + Alfresco : Tutorial step by step

Question asked by jm.pascal Employee on Apr 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by akram
Hello World,

Since few months, I play with Alfresco + Maven. I used it a lot in my work and I didn't know if my approach is the best approach.
So I'm going to explain it and try to improve it. That's why I posted 3 tutorials on How to use Alfresco with Maven (more are coming).
Each tutorial have a "step by step" approach. Futher you read, futher you understand and futher you appreciate  :roll:  !

So let's have a look at :

Hope you will appreciate it and hope It will help everyone. :D

As usual feedbacks are welcome and if you use Alfresco + Maven don't hesitate to share your experience!

Best Regards.