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Unable to Preview Website

Question asked by yogesh_prabhu on Apr 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by princesewani

I am new to WCM.

I am using alfresco-community-wcm-3.3
I am trying to create a Web project and a web form.
I am referring to the following pdf for Creating the web project and web form:

However, when i do 'Preview Website', i get a [size=125]'Connection refused' [/size]error-message in the Browser.

And also when i start the virtual tomcat server(virtual_start.bat), i get a an error message in the tomcat window as:

[size=125]SEVERE: Connection failure to remote Alfresco JMX Server: …[/size]

Can anybody please help me with this ASAP..

Thanks in advance..