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Can't edit user profiles

Question asked by yzenezy on Apr 22, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2010 by mrojas73
I have passthru authentication set up since 3.2r2 and have recently upgraded to 3.3. It used to work fine and new users automatically got accounts without the administrator having to create extra 'Alfresco' accounts. When tidying up some of the user profiles I noticed that some are not editable by either the user or the admin.

We are authenticating off a samba server (see below). Previously, new users (i.e. non-existing users) could log in and an account would be automatically created. As long as they used their samba logon credentials the account was correctly set up. From there they could edit their own profile as could the administrator.

Now, when a new user logs in a new account is created but it is locked from any editing. Neither the user or admin can edit the profile. The problem is not only in Share but also extends to Explorer.

In Explorer some users can't be edited as seen by the lack of edit and change password icons. Only the delete icon exists
The user logged in is sudeera. There are no buttons to allow editing of the profile.
Logged in as admin, the Edit User and Delete User buttons are GREYED OUT

Can anyone please shed some light on this issue?