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Spring Surf + Alfresco 3.2r: formdata not passed through

Question asked by ruffie on Apr 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by kevinr
We have been working on a project and started out with the SURF framework before it was part of Spring (or something) based on the energy sample, somwhere last year.
Lately we picked this up again and changed to the Spring Surf build (Roo project and all) for Alfresco 3.2. Everything seemed ok, however, forms we have that used to post data to the alfresco repository don't do so anymore.
Our endpoints are configured correctly in surf.xml as far as we know and there is connection being made, as other GET and POST (registration for example) methods do work.

The specific forms have a form action in such a way: "${url.context}/proxy/<<endpoint id>>/<<webscript folder>>/<<webscript name>>" and are multipart/form-data.

So the form connects to a alfresco webscript which should collect the field values (for each (field in formdata.fields)), but the data isn't there. This used to work with the 'old' surf framework. The alfresco webscript is being processed as we get an error catch that comes from that webscript.

Monitoring the POST process the field data is being sent, but after reaching the proxy it somehow loses this…

Any ideas?

Additional info: this form has an upload field and has enctype multipart/form-data.