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Setup CAS for Alfresco 3.x

Question asked by freddi on Apr 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by pmminov

I try to integrate CAS to Alfresco for a SSO scenario with Liferay. (like someone others here)

I used google for some days but since alfresco use the AuthSubsystem i can't see a really working solution with Alfresco 3.x and my CAS.

Of course, I tried various guides like this one

and yes I see the "important note" but my Alfresco is running on a Windows machine without an Apache environtment.

So I have checked if i can port some parts of this guide to my environment. Without success.

Do someone here have a hint, how i have to configure my existing cas and Alfresco that they work together?

Thanks for your help, freddi