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Document editing/upload failures in 4.0d

Question asked by pj_neil on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by pj_neil
Hi all,

Some of the documents I have report failures on upload using the flash uploader in Share. There is a known issue with Flash and the workaround is supposed to be to use the Explorer interface to upload . The problem is that the documents that fail to upload in Share also fail to upload in Explorer - at least in Share the Flash tool reports a failure; in Explorer the browser tab just hangs. It's not just up-versioning, but metadata also fails to update (such as amending the document title using the interface) and the documents won't checkout. It doesn't affect all documents, but the list is growing. The documents don't appear to be corrupted as they can be downloaded and viewed.

I'm using Alfresco community 4.0d for document management. Installation environment is Windows with bog standard PostgreSQL DB. For the client I'm primarily using Chrome (but also occasionally Firefox and IE9 (both 64 and 32 bit)). I've disabled the document previewer as I had some large Word docs (not my fault!) that were crashing the OOo service, but this has not changed the issue described.

I have looked at the log files' timestamps (and contents) when these documents are updated and there is no change… so there's no log to upload here.

Is there a database repair I can attempt?… or any other suggestions?

Any pointers would be appreciated,

thanks, Neil