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Rule with code for Check the item does not match d criteria

Question asked by sanket on Apr 22, 2010
I want to create a rule:
Condition: Items which contain a specific value in its name
Action:Copy item to specific space

There is a checkbox for "Check the item does not match the criteria above". How do I make it true or check it thru code ???
My code is:
Rule rule=new Rule();
  rule.setTitle("Create subspaces upon a space creation here");
CompositeAction compositeAction = getActionService().createCompositeAction();
           ActionCondition actionCondition = getActionService().createActionCondition("compare-property-value");
           Map repoAactionConditions = new HashMap();
           repoAactionConditions.put("name", "compare-property-value");
           repoAactionConditions.put("value", "Watermarks");
Further is the code for action.
As I have put conditions for "name" and "value" above, how can I set the value for "Check the item does not match the criteria above" ?

Please help.
THanks in advance.