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Displaying action according to true and false permissions

Question asked by cedomir on Apr 22, 2010

I have implemented approve and reject workflow with three spaces and  two custom roles "wf approver" and "wf writer". To be able to approve/reject content, "wf approver" must have delete right (among others) in order to be able to move content in some spaces, but I want to prevent users with that role to actually delete content, they just have to approve (move) content.

So I tried to solve that issue by customizing the AE to prevent showing the delete icon by adding the (empty) role "denyDelete" and editing the web-client-config-actions.xml

<permission allow="true">Delete</permission>
<permission allow="false">DenyDelete</permission>

but, as You can assume, that does not work. No matter if there is a role for group on space or not, the delete icon is shown. If I remove the line with delete permission (and leave just Denydelete) the delete icon is not shown in all spaces.

Any help, including another approach to solve this problem, is appreciated.

Thanks, ceda