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'Add new comment' form retrieval

Question asked by nicolabeghin on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by nicolabeghin
Hi everyone
I'm integrating Alfresco in a WebDynPro java in a SAP system.
I want to manage docs comments in alfresco (for many reasons not in the SAP system).
I've already developed a webscript to get HTML-formatted comments, starting from the existing org/alfresco/repository/comments/comments.get (JSON-based), but I'm unable to get a form to add new comments (I don't want to send SOAP/REST request from the WebDynPro because I want full-featured comments with HTML markup).

Any ideas if this is feasible? I need to understand if it's possible to get just the form markup OR a single page with the only possibility of adding new comments

[EDIT] I think org/alfresco/components/form/form.get is the way to go, I'm inspecting the issue to understand what .ftl needs to be included to make it work completely

Thanks, nicola