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Display metadata columns

Question asked by ipauly on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by davidcognite

I've been evaluating Alfresco for our company, as an alternative to our Sharepoint soloution.  In many respects I am impressed, and prefer the experience of Alfresco.

However, we do make quite extensive use of metadata column views in Sharepoint document libraries.  A simple example is our invoice library, in which the invoices are scanned to PDF, and have metadata applied (Supplier, Invoice Total, Invoice date, etc).  We then view this metadata in a column view, and apply filters to isolate what we need (we also have a calculated total at the top of the invoice amount column, to get a quick view of costs.)  I cannot see a way of replicating this functionality in Alfresco Share.

Is it:

a) possible to achieve this in some way I haven't found, or

b) that Alfresco uses a different paradigm for viewing and organising by metadata?